Jewelry Design


Jami and Justin work together to create custom jewelry and one of a kind pieces.  In the shop Justin welds, cuts, and pieces handmade pieces and recycled items made new.  In the Studio Jami paints and strings beads and designs unique and eclectic earrings, necklaces, pendants,  bracelets, key chains, purse and zipper charms, and hair clips.  Have an idea or item you want to see come to life?  Contact us today! 

Paintings and Crosses


Jami loves to create eye catching and bold pieces of art.  She works with acryllic, oils, digital design, and collage.  She often adds Hebrew, Arabic, Christian, and Hand lettering touches hidden in her pieces. See the shop section of this website for more information.  You can also connect with Jami about custom sizes, digital prints, and specific color schemes you would like to have in your home! 

Fashion and Stationery


Jami's most popular t-shirt is derived from her trademark sign off, "JESUS BE ALL OVER YOU!"  But currently Jami and Justin are designing more sayings for shirts, like the infamous, "Purple Hot Wreck," and "Just Jesus."   Currently you can request specific paintings for your greeting card and stationery needs, but bundles and more cards are on the way!  Be watching for more!