Original Eclectic Art, Jewelry, T-shirts, & StationeryOriginal Eclectic Art, Jewelry, T-shirts, & StationeryOriginal Eclectic Art, Jewelry, T-shirts, & StationeryOriginal Eclectic Art, Jewelry, T-shirts, & Stationery

Art and Jewelry By Jami Amerine


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About Jami

Jami Amerine M.Ed

Jami and her husband Justin, live in the North Houston area of Montgomery, Texas.  Together they have 6 children.  Four older biological children and two young adopted sons.  Jami is the author of two books with Harvest House.  Stolen Jesus released in October of 2017 and Sacred Ground Sticky Floors released in October of 2018.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Science and a Master's of Education in Counseling and Human Development.  Her third book is in the works.  When she is not chasing the "vandals," she is elbow deep creating art and jewelry.  

Color and Words

 When Jami was first thrust into the publishing world one of the biggest hurdles she faced was branding.  "My agent kept pitching my work and while the overall feedback was glowing, most houses had this question; 'What is she?  Is she a home school mom, foster care and adoption advocate, counselor, cook,  wellness guru?  She needs to pick one thing and stick with it.'  But I was all of those things.  I didn't want to be defined as just one thing.  Moreover, I didn't want to be categorized by the success and failures of my children.  They are their own people.  And I have stuck by that.  I write all sorts of things, and even though my agent wishes I wouldn't, I love to tinker in fiction.  My art is the same way.  I can paint flowers or make jewelry for hours.  But every so often the New Mexican roots of my childhood crave the canvas, and then... I paint folk art treasures.   I feel the same way about decorating.  If I love a pattern, then in my mind it matches perfectly with another pattern I adore.  I guess you could call me eclectic.  But don't hold me to that, I might change my mind in fifteen minutes. "

Distracted by Shiny Things

After taking a real beating by the realities of publishing, Jami was researching options to help fund her blog and the dream of a non-profit for Foster Families, "I love jewelry.  and I am obsessed with bracelets and earrings.  I was researching unique floral beads and came across these fantastic polymer clay beads.  I ordered some and separated them into categories.  I had one pile left over that had no mates.  I strung them together, and once again, the wild assortment made perfect sense to me. From there, the possibilities were endless.    Ever since then, I have expanded to all sorts of designs.  The next logical step for me was to paint the jewelry.  Given the opportunity to wash my hair or make earrings to go with my outfit, I make earrings.  I have hundreds of pairs of handmade earrings.   I should probably sell them, but I can't.  They are mine... get your own. "

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